Living historians dedicated to Honoring the 24th Infantry Div. of World War II, "The First To Fight"

"History Of the 24th"

The 24th Infantry Division was the first division to take up arms against enemy forces in World War II.  Taromen trained their guns on attacking Imperial Japanese aircraft at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941and shot down 5 enemy planes. The Victory Division fought in five campaigns in the Pacific. This is the most campaigns engaged in by any United States division in the Pacific during World War II.  If the attack on Pearl Harbor was considered a campaign as many believe it should be, the Division would be credited with six campaigns. Taromen spearheaded four of the five major campaigns they were engaged in.  An Arrowhead was earned for D Day Operations at:  New Guinea, Leyte, Luzon and the Southern Philippines.  

The U.S. Army Infantry Motto, "Follow Me" was adopted as a result of the rallying cry of Colonel Aubry S. "Red" Newman, Commander, 34th Infantry Regiment, during the beach assault at Leyte. He stood up in the midst of menacing Japanese gunfire and said, "get the hell off the beach. Get up and get moving. Follow Me." He then led his troops forward in attack. The world famous photograph of General Douglas Mac Arthur wading ashore in the Philippines marking his return, and the beginning of the liberation of the country, was taken in the Victory Divisionís 34th Infantry Regiment sector of Leyte Beach during the assault landings. 

The first unit to fight in World War II was also the last to lose precious American lives.  As late as mid September, after the announced surrender by Japanese forces on August 15, 1945, the 24th Infantry Division was patrolling the hills ferreting out the last pockets of Japanese resistance on Mindinao in the Philippines. General Douglas Mac Arthur, Pacific Theater Commander said of the Victory Division, "No division with which I have been associated with is closer to my heart than the 24th Division, and none has more distinguished itself."


Join us Today:

We are veteran living historians  raising awareness of the Pacific Theater of Operations and the role the Army played during WWII. We are based out of Wisconsin, and attend events through-out the Mid-West. Our primary function is education at living history events. If you have the dedication to do the research to portray a unique unit and to do it well, we welcome you to join us. We have heard time and time again, "WOW, great impression". contact us    Our basic impression will be Pre/Early war Pearl Harbor. Please check back regularly.


Harold Shute 24th ID, Pearl Harbor Survivor


Proud Grandchildren and Founding members


Basic  Impression:(** required items)

**Khaki Summer Uniform "Suntans" 

**Suitable Hawaiin Shirt

 **Khaki Trouser Belt 

**Service shoe Type II "Garrison Shoe".  


Summer Garrison Cap


M1923 Cartridge Belt

M1910 Canteen and Carrier, Khaki

First Aid Pouch

M1910/1928 Haversacks

**M1917A1 Kelley Transitional Helmet


1903 or 1903-A3




1917 .45 cal.

We also would like other impressions of the 24th ID, from different points in WWII. HBT's, Garands, M-1's welcome. It would be an easy switch from an ETO impression.


Upcoming events:

Reclaiming Our Heritage
June 2-3, 2007
Where: Milwaukee VA Old Soldiers home

Liberty Days
June 22-24,2007
Where: Antigo, WI

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Milwaukee VA '06



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